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HNE: Hear No Evil Documentary is released

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Commish Radio’s own DJ Hear No Evil released a brand new documentary yesterday. The highly anticipated film is a closer look at who he is and how he operates. Check it out and be sure to tune in each and every Wednesday at 3pm EST for his Wicked Wednesday Mixshow.

DJ Hear No Evil Wednesdays 3pm EST

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DJ Hear No Evil

Wednesdays at 3pm EST

A product of Mount Vernon, NY, DJ Hear No Evil has taken the music game by storm.  He is in fact Hard of Hearing (hence the name DJ Hear No Evil), but he can in fact feel, and play music like the rest of them…like the BEST of them such as DJ Jazzy Jeff, Kid Capri, DJ Craze and name a few.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Marketing/Accounting through Rochester Institute of Technology  and Master Certifications in DJ and Production through Scratch DJ Academy.  DJ Hear no Evil makes it clear that he is on point across the board.

He dedicates his work in the craft of DJing to 2 of his biggest supporters, his father, who was a DJ, and his best friend, Christopher Alexander Rucker-Ridley, a Mount Vernon Police Officer.

Words From DJ Hear No Evil

I am motivated to achieve this dream for all of us. Music is my life so you can sense my determination!  I am fully aware of my challenge, yet I am determined to succeed in becoming one of the most successful DJ’s with longevity in this career.  I have DJ’ed in several battles, which I obtained 2nd place in Manhattan, and close to make it in final round in Queens recently . In my case, I realize that I have to work 100 times harder in order to surpass my competition and become successful in the career of DJ’ing. There are more about me such as DJ battle which occurred in Miami, Florida, articles, music mix and so forth so check out my website as provided below when you have a chance to check out who is DJ Hear No Evil including his music